GloMax Pads

GloMax Pads

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Size 30 Pads

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*A virtual or phone skin consultation by one of our clinic staff is required prior to initial use of this product. If you purchase this item online, your order will be put on hold until we can verify your purchase history. Please contact us at 508-470-0506 to schedule a consultation if this is your first time purchasing this item.*

GloMax is a revolutionary deep exfoliator containing high-potency un-buffered Glycolic acid applied in convenient pad form.  Glycolic acid penetrates deeply providing a wide range of cutaneous benefits leaving behind dramatically smooth, polished skin. So, powerful, one weekly application is sufficient to transform the appearance of the skin quickly and with minimal downtime.  Fragrance-free and preservative-free.


Suitable for normal and oily skin. Use once weekly or as directed. Cleanse skin and pat dry. Apply a few minutes after cleansing once the skin is completely dry. On first use, rinse off after approximately 5 minutes. If tolerated, contact time may be gradually increased to 30 minutes.
Use with caution, avoid eyes, and follow instructions as printed on the packaging.
For more specific instructions, please contact the office to schedule a virtual consultation with one of our experts.